What makes Hawaiian Spirits Honey so special?

This is our story.

Here on Kauai Island in Hawaii we are honored to share paradise with our healthy, happy bees.

We harvest their honey after they pollinate each tree species. Mango trees flower first. Macadamia nut trees are next. Avocado trees follow. Lastly are African Albezia shade trees. Of course there will be a banana, hibiscus or lichee blossom intermingled but basically we know where our bee friends are working.

Each ‘flavor’ is unique. Mango blossom honey is tangy, spicy and very sweet. Macadamia blossom honey is rich with slight caramel overtones. Avocado blossom honey is thick, rich and mild tasting although a bit darker in color than the others. Albezia tree honey is mild and light colored with tropical overtones.

‘Flavors’ are dependent on the season and supply. Naturally we run out before the next season but we harvest something all year long. It’s always summer here in Hawaii.

Our honey is Glyphosate and Miticide free.

Raw, wild honey from Hawaii.